Tailored Facility for Businesses

The Tailored Facility offers favourable financing terms for bankable projects with a special focus on:

  • ​S​MEs particularly those involving innovation, digitalisation and, more broadly, the preservation and enhancement of competitiveness;
  • Socially-oriented initiatives, particularly those involving knowledge generation, education, health and social inclusion;
  • Investment that addresses environmental issues such as water usage, water treatment, waste treatment, reduction and reuse;
  • Investment aimed to achieve a high level of sustainability or promote the circular economy.


The purpose of this Tailored facility is to assist businesses by enhancing their access to finance. The facility is designed to address the following major barriers to lending:

  • Insufficient value or type of collateral;
  • Innovative business ventures, economic sectors or technologies which fall outside the risk appetite and tolerance of commercial banks;
  • Other factors for which commercial banks may not be willing or able to provide the required financing in whole or part.


The structure of the facility is as follows:

  • The required loan is co-financed by the commercial bank and the MDB in such portions as may be agreed between the parties.
  • The size of the loan applies on a case-by-case basis.
  • On a case-by-case basis, the MDB may offer a guarantee on part of the commercial bank’s share of the loan.

The Facility is available either by contacting directly the MDB or through commercial banks, acting as co-lending and implementing partners of the MDB.