Service Complaint

The Malta Development Bank (MDB) aims to provide a high quality and consistent service to all its service users.  However, the MDB recognises that there will be occasions when persons are not satisfied with the service provided.

If a person is not satisfied with a service provided on account of maladministration by the MDB, a complaint may be filed with the MDB using the form below with the aim of seeking remediation.  A maladministration occurs when the MDB fails to act in accordance with a law or principle that is binding upon it.  Complaints in relation to procurements, complaints relating purely to the business or banking discretionary decisions of the MDB or complaints which have already been brought before an administrative or judicial authority are outside the scope of this service complaint mechanism.

Any natural or legal person who alleges a case of maladministration by the MDB in its decisions, actions or omissions may lodge a complaint.  A complaint, to be made using the pre-established form available on our website (downloadable here), must be in writing and may be transmitted in any one of the following ways:

  • By email to,
  • By post or direct delivery to the following address: Chief Legal and Compliance Officer, Malta Development Bank, 5 Market Street, Floriana FRN 1083, Malta.

Complaints must be submitted within one year from the date on which the alleged maladministration could have easily been known to the complainant.  Complaints in relation to requests under the Freedom of Information Act shall be raised by not later than thirty (30) days from the date of the last communication giving rise to the complaint or from the act or omission giving rise to the complaint, whichever is the later.  Anonymous complaints or complaints which are intended to obtain an economic advantage or which are excessive, repetitive, clearly frivolous or malicious in nature are not admissible.

Receipt of complaints shall be acknowledged within fourteen (14) days of receipt.  A response shall be provided within thirty (30) days, unless there are legitimate reasons to extend this period due to the complexity of the complaint.  In such instances, a response will be issued within sixty (60) days.

As a rule, complaints shall be considered as non-confidential.  The MDB understands that it has permission to disclose the information communicated in any complaint to the relevant external parties for the handling of the complaint.  However, complainants have the right to indicate that their complaint should be treated as confidential.  In this case, it may not be possible for the MDB to provide a full remedy, if it cannot divulge the complainant’s communication to third parties.

Complainants are reminded about their right to bring their complaint before the Ombudsman in terms of the Ombudsman Act (Cap. 385) if they are not satisfied with a decision taken by the MDB in relation to their complaint.  Complaints before the Ombudsman may be brought as indicated in this link: